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Mashed Belouch, North East Iran, Torbat I Haidari

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Mashed Belouch, North East Iran, Torbat I Haidari

Wool on cotton,mixed dyes, asymmetrical knot


1.2 m by 2.1 m

Note the wonderfully characterful female figures in the field with monster hands!...

Almost like velvet to handle, this rug has fantastic wool quality and a deep deep red much favoured by the settled Baluch of this area of North East Iran.

The background colour is not black, but, a dark, purply blue indigo. Which shines like a Starlings wing. The white high lights are picked out in naturally un dyed white wool.

Very fine construction, Persian village weaving at its best!

Traditional pattern of repeating "Guls" or flowers.

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