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Shah Savan Kilim, Veramin,

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Shah Savan Kilim, Veramin,



1.6 m by 4.2 m

Old Shah Savan kilim, probably 1900-1920

Mellow, natural dye, colours and a variation of the "eye dazzler" pattern. This kilim has, wonderful abrash and tight and solid weave, typical of the best Shah Savan weaving.

These tribal women are renowned for their weaving skills and deft touch with designs.

Note the different motifs in each corner of the field and the added decoration at the edges. This piece has been made with an attention to detail and was possibly a dowry piece. Woven for personal use, after marriage . Rather than for commercial sale.

It's interesting to note the irregularities in the boarder design. These Kilim are woven from memory, in traditional designs, passed down from mother to daughter, over generations. This is a sign of a nomadic or village origin.

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