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Belouch, Herat, north west Afghanistan

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Belouch, Herat, north west Afghanistan

War rug


1.3 m by 2.2 m

So called war rugs, made by Belouch and associated groups around Herat, are amazing hybrids of historical document, reportage and traditional values.

Made by women in the mountains between Afghanistan and Iran these rugs speak to the troubles that have be set these people and an abiding spirit to continue with their traditional Nomadic or semi nomadic way of life.

Woven in a strong, fine weave, with great wool, these are fantastic rugs. Packed with quirky colour combinations beloved of tribal weavers. This rug has traditional water ewers/ jugs alongside helicopter gunships and tanks!!!

The five dots on the dice motif is an amulet or good luck charm woven to split the evil eye in to five pieces and keep the owner safe.

A piece with bags of character and history , an authentic collectors piece.

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