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Qashqai Gabbeh

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Qashqai Gabbeh

20th century, Broujen, Char mahal valley Southern Iran,


1.3 m by 1.9 m

Original design, Signed by the weaver and dated, 2006.

Bold composition and saturated colours. The best quality hand spun wool and a tough fine weave. Give this gabbeh all the attributes to become an antique of the future.

The double headed arrows are fetters and symbolise the family unit. Fetters are used to hobble sheep and other livestock to stop them wandering and are used in the marriage ceremony to bind the bride and grooms hands together in a spiritual bond. These are Surrounded by a stylised landscape of mountains and rivers. Qashqai tribal life encapsulated.

Stunning as a piece a abstract art. Inspired by old Luri designs and tribal traditions.

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