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Afshar, Sirjan, South Eastern Iran

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Afshar, Sirjan, South Eastern Iran

Early 20th century,


1.5 m by 1.9 m

The Afshar are of Turkic origin and have a long and fascinating history stretching back over many centuries. After hundreds of years some of these tribes are still intact and carry on their nomadic way of life.

Afshar women weavers are renowned for their skill at the loom and the freedom of expression they bring to bear on the designs they produce. Often surpassing the originals that the designs are taken from.

This piece is a vase and flowers design. Derived, in part, from the rugs and ceramic tiles made in the city of Kirman. The weaver has taken the essence of this sophisticated city design and geometicized it in order to reproduce it in her traditional weave.

The colours are glowing and the wool quality is superb.

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